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What is the Carbon Negativity?

Carbon negativity is the reduction of an entity’s carbon footprint to less than neutral, so that the entity in question has a net effect of removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere rather than adding it. Carbon-negative status can be achieved by a number of means, including greater carbon sequestration and obtaining carbon offsets from a third party, as well as engaging in activities that directly reduce that amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

How Sustainable tourism helps in Carbon Negativity?

Sustainable tourism can help cultures to adjust to “carbon restraint” or the science of Green House Gases (GHGs). This can be achieved by encouraging a trend of carbon neutral participation to its conferences involving three basic steps,

  • Reducing carbon emission by considering alternative means of transportation.
  • Measuring the carbon footprint associated with the travels and other needs, by using a carbon emission calculator through one of the carbon offset organisations.
  • Offsetting the carbon emission by purchasing certified carbon credits or supporting offset projects such as tree planting, renewable energy, energy conservation and environmental education

How to adapt Carbon Negativity in tourism?

  • Change of operating patterns: diversification of products and services decreases the dependency on climate shifts
  • Adaptation of tourist destinations: involves the modification of economic circuits, new technologies, intensive training efforts and especially changing the minds of all the people involved, including the tourists.
  • Mitigation of global warming: Action plans to reduce carbon emissions or modernize through carbon friendly technologies, amongst others.
  • Energy Efficient Equipment
  • Energy Conservation
  • Renewable energy

TeamSustain and Carbon Negative Tourism

Hibisucs Villa: The World’s first net zero Homestay

Spice Village:

Sun Rider:Fastest Solar powered boat in Asia included in the Limca Book of Records in the year 2013

Surya:Largest solar boat in Asia included in the Limca Book of Records in the year 2009

Community:World’s Largest Solar Rural Electrification Project- 400 houses in a single village.