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Electrical Energy - The Enabler of Development

Consequences to Economic and Social Development

Lack of access to electricity impacts people's livelihoods

  • Poor health
  • Gender inequality
  • Lower education levels
  • Lack of information

Lack of access to electricity impacts the rural economy

  • Slow or no Job growth
  • Under developed rural supply chain and value chain
  • Puts constraints on micro-enterprise development and business opportunities
  • Lower productivity of rice and other agricultural crops
  • Higher operating costs from using diesel-generated electricity

Why India needs CSR

  • To address the nation's challenge of providing the basic energy needs of the rural community
  • To provide rural households with clean energy to overcome health and environmental hazards
  • To empower rural entrepreneurs for providing last mile energy services, besides skilling them to create needs.
  • More than 45 per cent of total rural households do not have electricity
  • An estimated 140 million rural households are dependent on traditional biomass fuel for cooking
  • The health impact of using traditional biomass and animal dung based fuel warrants transition to cleaner and sustainable forms of energy to achieve a minimum standard of living



Smart Village

  • Rural Village with 100-150 homes
  • Off Grid
  • Incorporation of Smart Micro Grid
  • Provision for Basic Loads like Lighting, Fans, Mobile Charging Points etc.
  • Community Centre Potable Water Kiosk
  • IT Center
  • Medical Center with Tele-medicine facility
  • Bank/ Micro Finance Kiosk
  • Smart School
  • Grocery/ Provisional Kiosk
  • Storage/ Ware House Facility
  • Building catering to all the villagers sanitation needs
  • Biogas Generation Capability
  • Storage Facility
  • Facility for Farmers to store the food crops
  • Reduced wastage
  • DC Solar Powered Cold Storage Facility
  • Sanitation Facility with Biogas Generation Option
  • Sanitation Facility
  • Smart School
  • Smart Class Rooms, with projectors & video conference
  • Digital content library
  • Better Understanding
  • 3D illustrations
  • Digital Teaching System

Solar Kiosks

Provision Store

  • Mobile Charging
  • Phone Charging
  • Entrepreneurship Model

Fresh Drinking Water Kiosks

  • High Efficiency RO Plant
  • Compliance with WHO Standards
  • Entrepreneurship Model

TeamSustain & CSR

Ever since its inception in 1994, TeamSustain has been conscious of its social responsibility and have initiated many CSR projects for schools and communities across the country in villages far away from cities & towns with no access to electricity.

  • Bihar
  • Assam
  • West Bengal
  • Andhra Pradesh
  • Karnataka
  • Kerala

Our CSR Projects in India

StateSite Names
West Bengal
  • Dhablat F P School Gangasagar
  • Kishori Nagar Sabithri Vidyalaya
  • Mahisamari Netro Mohan FP School
  • Kushpangi School
  • Parichy Foundation School
  • Mythri Vihar School
  • Upgrade High School Shital
  • Middle School Mohan Pur
  • Naysujith Primary School
  • Primary School Bandpura
StateSite Names
  • Falgani Bapujy HS School
  • Lawpara High School
  • Govt. Primary and High School
  • Govt. Primary and High School
  • GMPS Govt. Primary School
  • Zilla Parishath High School
  • Primary School
  • Govt. High School
  • Mundanmudi Village — 400 houses electrified
  • CSR Projects in Bihar    


    • Lights & Fans
    • RO Plants for drinking water
    • Smart Class rooms
  • CSR Projects in Andhra Pradesh    
  • CSR Projects in Karnataka    
  • CSR Projects in Orissa    
  • CSR Projects in West Bengal    
  • CSR Projects in Kerala    
    • Largest Solar Rural Electrification project in the world (Year 1997), at Mundanmudi, in Idukki District in the highlands of Kerala, India
    • 400 houses of a single village was electrified using solar power.
    • The project set a new industry standard in the country with TeamSustain offering a five year maintenance contract with locally trained resident technicians.
    • The project was commissioned in the year 1997 and is completing 12 years of successful operation.
  • CSR Projects most needed    
    • Kerala may not want CSR projects as much as other States of India
    • Government of Kerala has initiated many projects for the welfare of the rural communities in need.
    • We need to concentrate on rural remote villages of India outside Kerala which are deprived of basic infrastructure
  • CSR Projects for Asia & Africa    
    • TeamSustain has entered into an association with Smart Power of Rockefeller Foundations, USA — one of the world's largest private foundations, founded in 1913 with an endowment of US$ 6.0 billion.
    • TeamSustain will partner with Rockefeller Foundations to implement Smart Village Projects in Asia and Africa.