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Our Corporate Brochure

  • Entered into partnership with Outback Power Systems for their range of invertors and charge controllers. Set up the first authorized service centre in Asia for Outback.
  • Entered into partnership with SMA, Germany, TeamSustain engineers received training and certification from Solar Academy in Germany. The Off-grid and Grid-tie designs by TeamSustain for Indian projects were approved by SMA, Germany.
  • Entered into partnership with Trojan Battery Company, USA, the oldest and largest deep cycle battery manufacturers in the world. Set up the first Trojan Tech Support Centre outside USA. Received commendation from Outback USA for excellence in engineering and integration for Malankara Plantations Off-grid.
  • Entered into partnership with Torque Germany, engineers of TeamSustain were trained and certified by Torque.
  • Entered into partnership with GetWatt, Korea for promotion of thin film ASI modules.
  • Engineered and initialized Samsung Energy Storage division for doing initial survey of key anchor projects in India.
  • Developed shade analysis tool and process for conducting shading analysis and determine technical and commercial viability of installing solar PV hybrid systems for Telecom.
  • Developed analytical tools to interpret the massive data uploaded from remote units of installations.
  • Developed the process to convert waste, fish to bio-diesel with zero chemicals.
  • Currently developed “Waste to Energy” project, a detailed designing and EPC of India’s first of its kind in Cochin based on gasification technology of 40 tpd capacity.