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Eco-auditing or environmental audit is a systematic multidisciplinary method used periodically to assess the environmental performance of a project or company. In other words it is a process of extracting information about a company that provides a realistic assessment of how the company affects the environment and also a set of environmental objectives and targets to reduce the effects.

Why TeamSustain?

TeamSustain shall conduct an eco-efficiency audit of the four key segments impacting the eco efficiency of the project. TeamSustain will submit a detailed report on Audit findings with recommendations to the organization management for decision making.

TeamSustain’s Scope of Work and Deliverables

Energy Study

  • Lighting & Room Equipment
  • Utilities

Water Usage and Management – Audit

  • Conduct the detailed study on existing water sources, availability, usage and projected water requirements
  • Propose water efficient fittings to reduce overall water consumption
  • Propose efficient water management , water treatment, water recycling and water harvesting technologies
  • Social & Ecological benefits estimated to be derived from implementing the recommendations

Waste Management and Disposal

  • Conduct a walk around study of present waste generation and disposal methods
  • Suggest technologies for safe waste disposal with maximum energy recovery
  • Payback & ROI analysis on the investment to be made on implementing the recommendations.
  • Social & Ecological benefits estimated to be derived from implementing the recommendations.

Renewable Energy Potential Analysis

  • Estimate the Max. Demand and Minimum Demand of the establishment
  • Conduct a Detail Analysis of the premises to determine the maximum installable
  • Solar PV capacity
  • Wind turbine capacity
  • Small Hydro turbine capacity
  • Identifying the areas which will provide the maximum generation.
  • Identifying the losses and allowing the Client to take an informed decision.
  • Estimate the Annual Generation from the Proposed Renewable Energy System
  • Recommend the Specifications of the system as per International Standards
  • Identifying the right technology