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Electric Propulsion system offers numerous advantages for ships that are subject to specific requirements. They are rated as particularly environmentally friendly, economical and reliable. They offer considerable comfort in terms of operation and control and have optimal maneuvering and positioning properties, low vibration and noise levels, and additionally enable the best possible utilization of space owing to their reduced noise levels. Electric energy has to be fed into the battery bank from some source. A mains charger allows the boat to be charged from shore-side power when available. Solar power can also be used for powering the boat.

Why TeamSustain?

TeamSustain brings to you sustainable Eco-boating solutions by installing Solar panels into the boat in reasonable areas in the deck, cabin roof or as awnings. Some solar panels, or photovoltaic arrays, can be flexible enough to fit to slightly curved surfaces and can be ordered in unusual shapes and sizes. The Solar Power gives the energy to propel the boat.


  • Environmental benefits from lower fuel consumption and emissions
  • Reduces life cycle cost by less fuel consumption and maintenance cost
  • Less reversing time compared to other propulsion systems
  • Availability of maximum torque across the entire speed range at the propeller
  • Reduced space requirements in the shaft system
  • Design and engineering of the propeller are independent of the drive
  • Cruise all day and charge the batteries overnight for just pennies
  • Quiet motor operation – No noise pollution
  • Very small carbon footprint if charged by the solar or wind power options