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Technical & Financial Due Diligence

Technical & Financial Due-Diligence is a specialized service provided by TeamSustain which is especially relevant for transactions involving mergers, acquisitions and project financing in the field of Renewable energy applications as well as waste management. In addition to the usual financial and legal due diligence required for such transactions, technical due diligence is often a key requirement to provide comfort to the parties involved in the project.

Our team of engineers and technical experts perform factory analysis to appraise the condition, reliability, and level of maintenance, suitability and other relevant technical aspects of plant, machinery and equipment for the benefit of potential acquirers, investors and financiers.

Quite often technical obsolescence and estimation of future maintenance and repair costs in certain types of production facilities are also a cause of concern to potential investors and this aspect can also be taken care of adequately by our experienced team.

eamSustain assists clients in determining the appropriate scope of work in this regard so as to focus on the right elements. So far our technical due-diligence reports have been a source of major value addition to many of our clients and the demand for this service is increasing significantly. The support to our technical team from our Advisory Division as well as our senior management in terms of knowledge base and expertise is also very valuable and adds further credibility to our assessments and analysis.